Beberapa proyek kami yang sudah selesai dan masih berlangsung.



Project: Notebook Program for New Students
Time Period: 2008 - 2009

For two years in a row, PT. Bhakti Solusindo worked hand in hand with Hewlett-Packard (HP) to provide new student of University Pelita Harapan with a Notebook. In 2008, we successfully distributed 478 HP Notebooks to students in UPH Jakarta and UPH Surabaya. In 2009 we are able to increase our sales for more than 200% in which 1000+ units are distributed to students in Jakarta campus alone. Year 2009 is the latest UPH offer such program to the new students.


Project: PC and Notebook Contract
Time Period: 2012 - now

Sunlife Indonesia Group, a subsidiary of one of the largest life insurance companies in the world, has been our loyal customer since 2012. We supply PC and Notebook including image installation. We work closely with them in generating an accurate forecast as well as carrying inventory for them, so we can always provide their necessities in a timely manner.


Project: PC and LCD for all new branches throughout Indonesia
Time Period: 2008 - 2014

When Carrefour Indonesia and Alfa Retailindo expanded their business in 2008-2014, adding 10,000+ branches across Indonesia, Bhakti Solusindo is chosen to be their IT partner providing all PCs and LCD. Once again we partner up with Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Lenovo for this giant project.


Project: Samsung Products, PC and Notebook Deployment
Time Period: 2009 - now

PT. Bhakti Solusindo has supplied more than 6000 units PCs and 1500 unit notebook to CIMB Niaga nationwide of Indonesia. We do delivery service to all their branches in 37 cities across Indonesia. Bhakti Solusindo also establish an IT support and onsite services in all CIMB Bank branches. In addition to their IT Needs, we also assist them in their CUSTOMER GIFT PROGRAM to their client providing product such as Samsung gadget, Television, Large Format Display (LFD). With this project, we have become the TOP 3 CORPORATE RESELLER in Indonesia for Samsung Products since 2014 until now.


Project: IT, Server, PC and Networking
Time Period: 2015 - now

We provide IT solutions to Bank Mayapada since 2015 until now. In that period of time we have provided 500+ units of PC, Servers and Networking Devices.